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Initially seen as a way to share stories with Internet users, blogs have become, in recent years, one of the most profitable online marketing strategies for businesses around the world.

The Benefits of Blogging

A blog is profitable and has several advantages. To say that freedom is one of the reasons blogging is attractive is an understatement. It can be the main reason and is still one of the best benefits of a blog. But making and managing a blog has other advantages:

  • You work when you want 
  • You have enough time to take care of your family members, loved ones, lobbies
  • Blogging can be done from anywhere with just an internet connection
  • You are your own boss and answerable only to yourself.
  • You express yourself freely on an opinion, a theme, an area
  • You express your creativity according to your own writing style, your ideas, and the message you want to convey to your audience
  • you can live from your passion, your knowledge, because a monetized blog can be a good source of income at the end of each month.


The advantages of a blog are numerous and everyone has their reasons, goals and/or objectives that push them to create their blog and/or to make blogging their profession.

In Summary


  • Attract prospects by offering content such as articles, tutorials, videos
  • Convert your prospects into customers
  • Highlight your image
  • Promote your products
  • Create a more familiar image
  • Blog articles that last over time, often several years
  • Creation in WordPress


  • Requires some basic WordPress skills
  • Long-term, long-term work
  • Knowledge of the products or Services offered imperative
  • Getting heavy traffic takes time
  • a blog is a support to work but it may seem useless and unserious for some

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