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The Benefits of the Affiliate Site

The Affiliate site has an undeniable advantage in relation to other means of promoting products or Services, it offers visitors product comparisons, tests, price comparisons. It adds a certain value to the information disseminated and directs the potential buyer to the right model, the right offer, the right training. He guides him as well as possible to achieve a successful purchase... 

It is simple and quick to build, inexpensive, and does not require great computer knowledge thanks to the CMS (Website Creation Tools) now widely available on the market.

  • WordPress offers you today a perfect tool online for the realization of these sites, we no longer count all the praises attributed to it and 40% of the websites online today are sites built with this CMS. It is provided free of charge by your host, and most extensions (Plugins in English) are free. You can find out by clicking here.
  • Shopify also offers this type of service, but is more expensive. It requires a monthly subscription, on the one hand, and also the use of many inevitable and paid functions (Extensions or Plugins, in English), which can end up making the subscription relatively important especially when you start. To find out, it's here.
On the other hand, it will require a good knowledge of the product or offer promoted because the objective of the message will be commercial and the seller's argument will be required to provide the visitor with the information sought and the desire to buy.

In Summary


  • Low cost system
  • Easy to build
  • Good Natural SEO SEO (WordPress System)
  • Easy to update
  • Scalable
  • Site will remain active for several years driven by its natural SEO


  • Requires some basic WordPress skills
  • High cost with Shopify
  • SEO that takes a few weeks
  • Update to be monitored and ensured
  • Knowledge of the products or Services offered imperative

Our Offer

We also offer you to build your site here, by adapting it to our templates, these templates have already been created in WordPress and Woocommerce.

We can adapt them to your needs for a Competitive rate.

Economy Pack

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  • Wordpress
  • 4 Pages Max
  • 1 Product Page
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Site - SEO - Emails
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  • 3 Product pages

Premium Pack

Website - SEO - Emails - Address * - Hosting **.
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