Specialising in the development of Multilingual Websitesand Online business as the E-commerce shop or Dropshippingon Sales Tunnel for customer acquisition or theemailingOur team uses all its experience and expertise to make your digital communication on the Web more effective.

With the support of CMS as WordPress, Woocommerce or IO SystemWe offer to support you in the digital development of your business.

Increasing your customer base, increasing your turnover, developing your business on the Internet and becoming a true Web player has become essential and relevant for any company today.

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Web Design : Project Options

Selling on the Internet is a vast subject. There are many ways to sell, but the two best known are the Dropshipping or the E-commerceand those of theAffiliation.

However, Sell needs to have found the right product to propose, first and foremost. The search for the niche and the offer is paramount and should be placed before anything else.

Sell also requires a online tool to offer its product or service. And some other tools to generate and manage its customersand its follow-up.

Sell Finally, the tool in question must be made visible to other Internet users, in order to create an audience and a customer potential listed thanks to theacquisition of their contactand therefore their email.

These three conditions are absolutely essential and unavoidable to reach the paths that will lead you to the success.

Product Research

Thanks to a Regular Practice and a certain Mastery, we are looking for the most Likely Products to be promoted on the Internet!

The Site, Blog or Tunnel

We then adapt the Product Promotion Method, via a Website, a Sales Tunnel, a Blog, E-mailing or an Advertising Campaign!

The Sale of the Product

Once the Marketing Tool has been created and is in place, the fishing can begin. It works 24/7 without Us, finds customers and Sales are Automatic

Dropshipping and E-commerce

It is a hardcore trade in the eyes of the tax authorities. It will be considered as such in Europetherefore subject to the classical rules of trade, and subject to VAT

Since July 2021, the rule has even become stricter with the obligation to open a VAT account with the tax office of each country in which to trade. The rules of the Dropshipping will be applied for sales up to 150€ including VAT, above that the E-commerce which will have to be applied requiring registration (EORI) and other customs declarations for imports outside Europe, which is most often the case since the main suppliers in this area are in China.

With this should also be taken into account the delivery timeoften lasting 15 days to 3 weeks, and the problems of VAT which the customer will have to pay if all the customs declarations are not (or are poorly) done. I will pass very quickly over the product returns, the guarantee too. This business plan seems to me to have become complicated in terms of day-to-day management and is certainly not the best to start with, by the way.


L'Affiliation does not concern itself with all these constraints since it does not consist of a direct trade. Like a commercial agent on the webIn the case of a website, you will promote the sales of your products without having to worry about purchases from suppliers, invoicing your customers, VAT declarations, customs, guarantees or returns. All this will be the responsibility of your advertisers, and you will just have to wait a monthly commission statement to issue your bill and get you paid. 

As you will have understood, This business plan is much more suitable for beginners. It is not binding, very often works in automatic after a few weeksThe only requirement is that low initial investment It can even be a good system for generating income supplements when you work daily on the other hand.

For my part, it is the Most pleasant business planIt's the most suitable for my situation and my ideas. It is therefore also in any case the one I would recommend.

This being said, everyone will choose the Business Model that suits him. We all practice these different business models too, and we will be able to provide you with the tool regardless of the type ofactivity that you will have selected.

Types of Sites by Activity

Table of contents

The world is moving, changing. The impact of the internet, of online commerce, is growing all the time. And we cannot ignore this progression today, exponential and who will be tomorrow unavoidable for all market players.

WordPressWoocommerce, or IO Systemwill help us to support you in the digital development of your business. We propose to carry out for you the right tool to your needs, the one that will best meet your expectations and generate the best results. From the simple Showcase Site to the Multi-product E-commerce shop for your customer offer, from Customer acquisition tunnel at Sales Tunnel driven by the advertising on social networkswe will find the best way to your budget.

We are of course available to talk about it, do not hesitate to contact us for talk about all your projects!

The Showcase Site

The showcase site also makes it relatively easy to showcase products or services. Without a payment module, It therefore only allows membership. Any product or service can be described and argued, and then sold with an affiliate link.

The sale will therefore take place via this affiliate link, which will transfer thepotential buyer directly on the advertiser's website. The latter will take over, carry out the sale and the deliveryand then pay you a commission of an amount agreed at the time of the creation of the affiliate link.

The Dropshipping Site

The website of the dropshipping can be assimilated to a site e-commerce online sales mono-product. In contrast to a shop window site, it not only allows a product or service to be promoted relatively simply, but also to be invoiced and paid for online. Any product or service can be described and argued and then sold directly to the consumer.

This type of site is a little more complex to build, as it requires the implementation of online payment modulesas Stripe and Paypal. Integration is quick and easy, using the extensions offered by the CMS WordPressor Woocommerce.

The E-commerce website

The sales site e-Commerce can be assimilated to an online sales site in Dropshipping but multi-product. In contrast to a shop window site, it not only allows a product or service to be promoted relatively simply, but also to be invoiced and paid for online. Any product or service can be described and argued and then sold directly to the consumer.

This type of site is more complex to build, as it requires on the one hand the setting up of online payment modulesas Stripe and Paypalon the other hand, the creation of pages for articles that you will want to offer and sell to your audience.


The Affiliate Site

A good affiliate site should be a sales site that will bring value to the product that one wishes to promote. This is the reason why the niche that will be chosen must be documented in order to find the data needed to develop the site.

The site itself will not be a classic showcase site. It will be more like a item comparator, a study of several competing products of the same familynesting is the safest way to appear on the first page of Google and in the first search results more generally.

Generalist sites have already been around for years and leave little chance for SEO, as the engines also take into account the age of the sites to classify them.

The Blog

A blog is a website or part of a website that contains regularly updated content on one or more topics. 

The content of a blog is usually in the form ofarticles on individual web pages called blog posts. On the homepage of the blog you can find a collection of these articles presented in reverse chronological order - from newest to oldest.

Many organisations and companies also use blogs as a way to marketing channel. Their content is generally focused on sector-related information and of interest to their target market. In this case, the blog is usually managed to be monetised and it then becomes a source of regular income.

The Sales Tunnel

A Sales Tunnel is a conversion funnel which will take care, step by step, of create a customer baseand filter your potential customers and then automatically guide them towards the purchase of your products and services best suited to their needs.

The first step is to achieve the highest possible amount of leads to collect their emails. These are usually contacts who have a particular demand or appeal on the subject or the niche that you are proposing. You will respond by proposing a free gifta e-book for example, by means of the recovery of their email address. This will have a positive impact on your business, leading to the harvesting of many email lists for your future emailingswhile respecting the European regulation on RGPD.

The Tunnel is then regularly adapted and used for the direct sale of products or services, both directly through the social networks or the advertisement that in emailing using the email lists you have built up. Never forget, your customers are always on the email list. The Tunnel remains the best way to create it!



Commercial agent

Based in San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain

Commercial agent since January 1st 1995. 26 years of experience in representation, and 3 years in affiliation.

Creation of Websites, Sales Tunnels, Online Stores, Blogs, Product and Price Comparators with the aim of promoting Goods and Services through Affiliation. 

Based in the Spanish Basque Country and in the great South West of France.

Spoken languages : French, English, Spanish